Keep It Simple!

Keeping it simple is what this site is all about. I realize that most people have better things to do with their time than write HTML code for their online auctions so I've assembled a variety of easy to use tools for sellers to use to save time for the better things in life.

Here you'll find shipping calculators, auction templates, practice boards, color charts and, eventually, even more. Most of what you'll find on these pages will be simple copy and paste so all you'll need to do is copy the code from the page, add in your information and paste it either directly into your item's description or to NotePad, Wordpad or other text editor and save it to your hard drive for use again later.

While I may preach simplicity I don't do a very good job of practicing it. These pages are loaded with JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets and other DHTML elements that require the use of newer browsers to display properly. The site is best viewed using IE5, Opera 5 or Netscape 4.xx or newer browsers. For those of you with older browsers that desire full use of this site, I'd advise that you download a more current version of the browser of your choice.

Thanks for dropping by. If you can think of anything that you might like added to the site, or if you have other comments or criticisms, feel free to send me an email.