Free Auction Templates

Free Copy and Paste Templates for Online Auction Sellers

Like most everything else on this site, these templates are copy and paste, and free for personal use (If you're not familiar with copying and pasting click here for a quick tutorial). There is an example of what the template looks like at the top of the page and the code can be found below the example. Just change the text highlighted in red to customize them for your own use.

You'll also find comment lines added into the codes. On these pages they're highlighted in blue to make them easy to find, and after you've copied the template to your computer or description box you can find these comments fairly easily by looking for the lines beginning with '<!--'.

To view the template just click on the next to your choice. A new window will open.

As new templates are added they will be placed at the top of the list, while the older ones will be found further down.

Use them and abuse them, and if you find a problem with them, drop me a note. And please don't link directly to any images here on the site. Thanks!

SparkleCity (01.25.03)
This one was put together for a friend of mine and she has graciously granted me permission to include it on the site. Pink with butterfly borders, it's another rather feminine thing, but hey......
And no, it doesn't sparkle. It's just named in honor of the person who asked for it.
    Single border on the left side, one picture.
    More versions to come, including double sided border and options for no pictures or two pics. Not finished yet.

Pocket change (01.02.03)
Somewhat different, this one is an offset framed table with a background of loose change. The code is fairly short and simple but allows for quite a bit of personalization. You could easily add a shipping calculator or anything else into this one.
    One or two pictures.

Candy hearts (01.02.03)
Happy New Year! This one is bright. It's another full width "framed" table using a background image, this one covered with red, pink, purple and lime green candy hearts.
    One image at the top.
    Two images: one at the top, one at the bottom.

Tastefully conservative (12.31.02)
Surprisingly enough, these actually look better in Netscape than they do in Internet Explorer. They might feel more at home in my auctions than any of the previous ones, but then I'm partial to black and blue (Is it obvious?).
These are full width tables framed with an image border. The templates are coded for one or two images, aligned on the left or right depending on your preference.
    One or two images, left side.
    One or two images, right side.
    No images, for those who wish to include their pictures elsewhere.

eBay® style (12.29.02)
These three are made to blend in with the eBay® auction page using several tables colored and sized to mimic eBay's own. They also match eBay's page fonts.
    Single picture.
    Two pictures, side by side.
    Two pictures, one atop the other.

Looks like something out of a fruit basket (12.29.02)
Pastel orange, pink, tangerine and green. Not exactly manly colors, that's for sure. The code on these two is fairly long because it has a few nested tables but it's still a fairly popular template. Not one that you'll find gracing my auctions any time soon, that's for sure.
    One or two pictures, your choice.
    Three pictures, a pair at the top with one further down in the description.

Big, ugly pink thing (12.29.02)
I don't remember who I originally made this for, but they sure did like it. It's all enclosed in a big "pale violet red" table with white and black accents. When viewed in Netscape there are some grey and silver touches too.....
    One picture.
    Two pictures, side by side.

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